Become Certified

CHC Certification provides:

  • The highest credential (CCH) you can earn as a homeopath
  • Assurance to clients, the public, and other practitioners that you have met rigorous standards for entry level homeopathic practice
  • Be considered to serve on CHC committees, task forces, and the Board of Directors

Overview of the certification process

Why Seek Certification

Earning certification from the CHC represents a significant professional achievement, making an important statement about professional competence that is recognized by the profession, the public, and affiliate programs. More and more consumers are seeking integrative healthcare providers which includes homeopathic practitioners.

Certification supports practice in US states that have passed laws granting free access to non-invasive forms of health care under ‘Health Feedom’ legislation initiatives. Other states have similar legislation planned or in progress. The province of Ontario Canada passed regulation for homeopaths in 2016.