Eligibility for Certification

Applications for certification are accepted from practitioners of classical homeopathy who meet all exam eligibility requirements.

Documentation of Training Outside the United States and Canada

Applicants who trained in homeopathy outside the United States or Canada must meet all CHC exam eligibility requirements. At a minimum, the classical homeopathy curriculum must include 500 hours of study in the foundations of homeopathy (Historical and Theoretical Aspects of Classical Homeopathy, Material Medica, Repertory, Health Science, Homeopathic Case Taking, Initial Homeopathic Case Analysis, Posology, Follow-up and Case Managment) and 250 hours of supervised clinical training completed at a homeopathy school. 

Transcripts from programs outside of the US or Canada must be officially evaluated by an outside transcript evaluation service such as Educational Credential Evaluators (ece.org), American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (aacroa.org) or World Educational Services (wes.org) and determined equivalent by the CHC. Individuals whose transcripts are not determined equivalent must complete additional training to meet exam eligibility requirements.  All transcripts/documents must be in English. The CHC does not have reciprocal agreements with any homeopathic certifying, licensing, or registering organizations outside of the US or Canada.